Total Productive Maintenance Certification

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an all-inclusive method for equipment maintenance that attempts to achieve flawless production (zero defects). TPM is the process of preventing premature machine deterioration by identifying issues or problems early on and immediately finding measures to solve them. Its main objective is to maintain the equipment or plant in the topmost condition, without disrupting the efficient flow of daily production. TPM also promotes a secure working atmosphere with a zero-accident strategy. TPM may be a theory to take advantage of the output of amenities by moving the accountability for steady upkeep to employees. It contains eight pillars, each covering methods to get rid of losses and waste.

TPM Certification in Lebanon is one of the many services offered by TopCertifier, the global consulting and certification solutions provider. We deliver TPM Certification services to all major locations in Lebanon, like Beirut, Tripoli, Tyre etc.

TPM ensures productivity by reducing wasteful usage of resources. It is a means to strengthen people and facilities, subsequently resulting in a revitalized association. TPM resources will help you eliminate the equipment reliability issues - breakdowns, minor stops, long changeover adjustments, and other inefficiencies that are hurting your competitiveness. It promotes a safe and stable operating environment

Certification Benefits


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Brand Reputation

Are you looking for brand visibility?

You've got ISO to Get Certified Brand. Congratulations! Now put that brand certification to work in your favor. The more you Invest more will be the booster.

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Tender Eligibility

Do you to be eligible for tenders?

A certification is a useful tool that adds trustworthiness, by explaining that your services or meets the guaranteed expectations of your customers..

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Go Global

Do you wish to go from national to global

As an owner of a business or a firm, you may think only large companies can land in the big tenders. But You can Score these Tenders with the right plans offered by ISO.

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